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About the Jazzitup Kids language courses


We offer language courses to children from 4 to 15, all year round in central London, teaching kids English through acting, singing, movement and workbook projects. We provide an extensive, ever-growing curriculum with accompanying workbooks and creative course materials, created in London.

Our programme is suitable for all levels of English and children learning English as a second or alternative language. Courses can be organized for groups from overseas, for small bespoke private groups and as one-on-one tuition, according to individual needs.


Course Options

We offer holiday camps over UK school holiday time with either a half day (9.30am-1pm) of a full day (9.30am - 5pm) option. The rest of the year we offer private holiday courses which are all half day options (10am-2pm) as well as hourly private tuition.



Celebration Time!

To celebrate and share the childrens' achievements, we put on an end of course show in the form of an informal workshop performance for the joy and applause of parents and relatives.

Children are all awarded rosettes and certificates.


Course Activities

Our workshops include story mapping, text comprehension, creative writing, vocabulary and grammar objectives, phonics, pronunciation and public speaking. Children are encouraged to impersonate the different characters using their newly aquired language in our drama scripts developed for each story to reinforce confidence and fluency.


Course Structure

You may book our courses weekly (Monday - Friday). Each day we offer a new workbook with a story, theme, set of language objectives, setting and characters, introduced through 'Active Storytelling' followed by active participation and informal performance.

Age Levels and Content/Workbooks

Each age level has its own set and range of workbooks that include a story, script, illustrated story comprehension and age appropriate activities. Each workbook has a set theme, sets of characters, setting, vocabulary, grammar and English language learning objectives.




We offer English language courses for kids from 4 to 14 years old.

Orange Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Purple Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Green Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Red Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Blue Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course

Course Materials

Puppets, Jazzy dolls, storyboards and workbooks are used during lessons. Children receive a Jazzitup Kids workbook to document activities, vocabulary, grammar, expressions, artwork and writing projects during the classes and for consolidation at home.

Our workbooks contain storyboards, a story summary and comprehension, an introduction to the characters, lyrics to songs and activities for the target vocabulary and grammar objectives. Younger children receive a Jazzy the Juggler soft toy, (which they decorate and personalise), rosette, a certificate, stickers and balloons. The workbooks for older children are project based with more emphasis on comprehension, reading and creative writing, excellent for work memory.

Jazzitup Kids Course Materials

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Is the teachers' mother tongue English?

All of our teachers have English as their mother tongue, qualifications and experience in teaching English as a foreign language and performing arts training and backgrounds.

How many children are there in a class?

This depends on the age of the children but on average 1 teacher to 5 little ones and 1 teacher to 10 older ones.

Are the children tested before joining?

No. They respond quickly to being taught creatively in a group.

My child speaks hardly any English. Can he/she join?

Yes! He/she will learn through other children, and is encouraged to explore and develop as part of a group. Our teachers are experienced in teaching different levels of English within a group.

My child is bilingual. Can he/she join?

Yes! His/her English will develop through new concepts and vocabulary, sounds, phrases and sentences, quotations and speeches, lyrics and singing/rhythm skills.

Is there homework?

Yes! Repeat repeat repeat is the key! Each child is given a workbook for each theme to take home for practice and consolidation at home. 

How do i enroll my child on a course?

By emailing us your requested dates and and by filling in the Student Application form that we will email to you.

What are the most efficient language teaching methods for young children?

Everything that stimulates a child’s imagination and self-expression and that engages him/her spontaneously. Jazzitup Kids is based on inclusive, indirect language learning.


Other than the specific course, are there any home activities or practice exercises that Jazzitup Kids offers or recommends?

Language learning is about exposure and repetition. Our huge collection of stories, scripts, lyrics, illustrated story comprehensions and activity sheets are collected and documented in the workbook to be taken home for further practice.

What parents say about our courses:

“Many thanks for all teachers in the last 13 days of this sumemr camp. Bosco was super happy with the experience and the new friends he met!"

Monica from Macau - August 2019