London holiday camps

An active learning experience for kids in London.

We run English language courses in London for kids.


UK Holiday Camps

Learn English in London!

Our aim is to offer children memorable, active English language learning workshops through our unique curriculum, consolidated by interactive, educational, cultural excursions with project work in London.

We offer holidays camps all year round in beautiful schools in central London to children from 5 to 14 with English as a second or alternative language. We have weekly programmes for each age/langauge level that change each week. The recommended time is 1 to 3 weeks. Our workshops start at 9.30am and finish at 5pm each day.

See an example weekly programme schedule here.


Our Courses

Make learning fun.

We offer private courses for children wishing to improve their fluency and accuracy in English in a fun, memorable way. 

Each lesson consists of a set story, theme, setting and characters with set language learning vocabulary and grammar objectives. We cover a themed story, a story comprehension, new vocabulary with a focus on phonetics, and creative writing.  We teach public speaking, character building techniques, pronunciation and articulation of new language, word and sentence stress and devising a speech in character.

Our unique workbooks, which include ‘the story’ together with illustrated story comprehensions, are excellent for improving children's 'working memory' and enable children to keep a memorable record of all they have learned and able to keep practicing at home.



Our Teaching Methods

Taught by trained actors and teachers.

Our workshop leaders are all trained actors and teachers. They are simply fantastic. They teach using the method of ‘Active Storytelling’ - the unique stories and adventures of ‘Jazzy the Juggler’ and his friends. The children start each morning with a fun phonetics and pronunciation warm up with movement. Our morning workshops cover listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, singing and acting, with an emphasis on public speaking, pronunciation, new vocabulary acquisition, story comprehensions and creative writing.

We teach children within a no-pressure context where they are able to enjoy learning, sharing and expressing themselves according to their abilities.

Interested in sending your child on a course over the school holidays?

For our Summer Camp 2018, here's an idea of what we will be getting up to.....



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Jazzitup Kids Language Course at the Tower of London

We can create tailor-made day or residential programmes for you.

The Jazzitup Kids English language education programme is available all year round for school groups or bespoke groups of children from 5 to 14 wanting a full immersion experience of English language tuition, culture and history in London. We are able to offer tailor-made day  programmes in London all year round using our unique teaching curriculum and method of Active Storytelling and Theatre devised in England. For further information contact us


Photos of of 2017 London Language Courses.

What parents have said about our 2017 London Summer Camp:

Thank you so much for a great summer camp in London. We just came back Japan. Lira had a special time with you and new friends and really excited!! We hope to visit London and join your camp again soon!

Junko - Parent, Japan


They had a wonderful time and unforgettable experiences. Thank you and Neema for everything. 

Evmorfia - Parent, Greece


Thank you for all the pictures! So lovely to see what children are up to during the day. We are very excited to start the second week. 

Gabija - Parent, Lithuania


This is amazing, the kids really enjoyed their learning experience and hopefully we will do it again.

Lulwa - Parent, UAE


The english camp was amazing, the girls still talk about it. We have tried in 2 different camps before and none of the girls like it. Because they were happy, I feel that this year the have learn quiet a lot. I can see the difference. We will definitely come back next year. Also sending pictures and videos help quiet a lot for the parents to understand what is going on. Thank you so much.

Eva - Parent, Spain


I like how you have structured the course. Beautiful. I like that the morning lesson has content that links to grammar, story and afternoon tour. 

Luciana - Parent, Italy


Thank you for your assessment. I know he has been having fun and adapting. In spite of his occasional reluctance to go to school, he never refuse to go with us to Holiday School. He has been having good comments about everybody there. His reading and writing has not been his forte and his School in Thailand has not been known for enriching students as his workbooks show his short comings in expressing himself through writing. But your program widen his vision of the world and get him closer to British culture and language to enrich his knowledge and we are pleased. He likes listen to stories and telling stories and I hope his writing will eventually follow later on. He already likes performing and you are giving him the arts of it. We appreciate that.

Prabaddh - Parent, Thailand


Angel did enjoy a lot the summer camp and had a great experience! Hope can see you all next summer vocation if possible!

Crystal - Parent, China