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A remote learning experience for kids worldwide.

We run Online English language courses for kids.


Our Online Courses

Learn on Zoom!

We offer interactive online courses worldwide on Zoom to children from 4 to 15 years old to mother tongue children and to learners of English at all levels. We teach private individuals and groups.

Children are asked to describe the lesson story through visuals, introducing new vocabulary, grammar and characters. They then listen to the story and re-write it as a script or a story with a focus on grammar. Lastly, we act out the story with a focus on pronunciation and public speaking. All children are given homework that we screen share at the start of each lesson.

For groups, our method of storytelling through scripts with set language learning objectives and role play, with children reenacting and performing the story in character as a group.



Beginners to Advanced

Make learning fun!

For learners we use storytelling, puppets and puppet making, songs and interactive drawing as the tools to teach vocabulary, phonics, pronunciation, simple grammar and word-blending to enable children to start constructing their own written simple sentences.

For Intermediate / Advanced level we use storytelling, scripts illustrated story comprehensions and songs to expand the children’s vocabulary and grammar through the stages of writing development and expression in English. We also act out each story with a focus on public speaking, phonics and pronunciation.



Mother tongue speakers

Improve your Creative Writing and Grammar!

Writing and Grammar
We use scripts, stories and comprehensions with set grammar objective/topics and creative writing tasks: short stories in different genres and tenses, myths, legends, documentaries, scripts for film, newspaper articles, poems, limericks and descriptive writing. We also cover the works of key British writers from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens as well as exciting historical periods of history - Kings, Queens and Emperors……

Public Speaking
Scripts and stories are used as tools to improve children’s spoken English. We work on sentence stress, word stress, pace, pitch, volume, body language, phonics and stepping into character for role play.


Testimonials for Online teaching:

"Thank you so much throughout the year for being such a wonderful teacher for Hikaru. Without your class this year would have been much dull and unexciting year for him and myself. 

I had never imagined 2020 would be such a claustrophobic small world when i took my children to London in summer 2019. Neither could i imagine that the summer camp in which both my children did not speak at all (....) could open up such a great opportunity and precious experience for Hikaru. Watching him completely relaxed despite his low English proficiency is a joy for me. My appreciation is beyond any words."

Chiho from Japan - December 2020

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Jazz it up Kids Online English Course

We can create a tailor-made Online programme for you.

The Jazzitup Kids English language education programme is available all year round for individuals or groups of children from 5 to 15 wanting English language tuition. We offer private sessions to children who are learners of English language, from beginner to advanced, as well as to English mother tongue children all over the world, online, using our unique teaching curriculum and method of Active Storytelling and Theatre devised in England.

Our areas of expertise lie in creative writing and getting children to 'think outside the box' in terms of creativity and written self-expression. All courses include story comprehensions, written homework projects with a focus on grammar and vocabulary building. We cover all 'genres' of story writing, script writing  and being the director! We cover poetry, myths, legends, the works of many famous British wirters, plays, limmericks, lyrics, character development and historical periods.

For groups, we work on one story/script and comprehension per lesson, ensuring all elements of the language is clear and then on to perform the script in character, as a group, with attention to public speaking and a written follow on piece of homework.

For all sessions we work on public speaking and pronunciation: Phonics, word stress, sentence stress, intonation, body language, pitch, volume, pace and how to respect the rules of punctuation when reading aloud.

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Recent photos from our London holiday camps!

What parents have said about our London Holiday Camps:


We are humbled and blown away by these voluntary Testimonials by our parents (and kids!)!


"Thank you so much for yesterday's lesson. It was gorgeous!!! Honestly!!  It was very dynamic, funny and friendly....perfect!"

Cruz from Spain - June 2021

"Me and Alex are writing you because we ant to thank you again. With your sweetness we felt at home, we saw wonderful places with good friends, your work has done good results and English no longer scares us!" 

Elizabetta and Alessandro (students!) from Italy - August 2019

"The most important  part for us was that Evyatar enjoyed the  time in school so much, was exposed to other nationalities and cultures and keepes telling everyone stories about his summer . You have created a great place and environment."

Eti and Avshalom from Israel - August 2019

"Adele had a great time and kept telling me it was the best thing of our London holiday! ....the language course still topped the list."

Sergio from Germany - August 2019

"Thank you, the kids really enjoyed the holidays and funny to see them talking to other kids in English, they dare! Well done!"

Dorothee from France - August 2019

"Thank you for this and for everything. You and all the teachers have been wonderful. The children will have incredible memories."

Francesca from Italy - August 2019

"This has been an amazing experience! The first thing Alicja asked after we said goodbye was whether we can come back and study more with you! Thank you for making this week a very diverse and incredible experience for our kids."

Tomasz from Poland - August 2019

"From what my nephew was telling us about his time at school, I want to get back to 8yo to get this course for myself! All the best!"

Anton from Ukraine  - July 2019

"Thank you, Arthur had a wonderful time at your school, he was always pleased to go and spend time with other children. Thank you so much."

Sylwia from Poland - August 2019

"Adriana and Luz had a blast! We'd like to thank you for your work and dedication. Please send to the rest of your wonderful staff our gratitude."

Jorge from Spain - July 2019

"Many thanks for all teachers in last week summer camp. Cathy loved it very much and hopes to come back next year for at least 2 weeks."

Jin from China - August  2019

"We are very thankful for a truly encriching experience! All the best to everyone we have met!"

Alessandra from Italy - July 2019

"Thank you for the wonderful experience and engaging programme.."

Eugenia from Italy - July 2019

"Thank you alot for the brilliant camp! Alice and Mariya are so happy! Next year we will come again!"

Ekaterina from Russia - July 2019

"Thank you so much for this camp! Vasly was so excited and inspired every day of the camp! Many thanks to all your team! You are really wonderful!"

Marina from Ukraine - July 2019

"Many thanks for all teachers in the last 13 days of this sumemr camp. Bosco was super happy with the experience and the new friends he met!"

Monica from Macau - August 2019

"I would like to share with you that the boys had a wonderful time with you, they enjoyed and learned alot - for sure it was an amazing experience that we would love to repeat and recommend to our friends. Your report about Fernando and Guilherme was great, wonderful how you describe them in just a few days. Hope to see you next summer!"

Marta from Brazil - October 2019 (Private course)

"Thank you for everything! The girls enjoyed very much the camp, had fun but also learned alot!"

Mariya from Israel - August 2018

"Thank you so much for everything, Vivien had a very good time and enjoyed the camp!"

Mihaly from Hungary - July 2018

"Thank you so much for giving Mouteb such a wonderful week. He loved it so much so that he's desperate to do another..."

Paul Eedle, Refugee Sponsor, London - August 2018

"Thank you very much for our time together. We liked it! Everything was magificent and wonderful!"

Zhanna from Russia - July 2018 

"The guys have really enjoyed their week and I can actually see some improvements."

Danilo from Italy - July 2018 

"I really noticed the change, his progress and wanting and fighting to find the words was amazing! His speaking was amazing in a short time. Bravo!"

Jane from China - August 2018

“The kids absolutely loved their time with you guys and we already look forward to renewing the experience next year."

Julien from Singapore - August 2018

"Kiwa has experienced a time with you she will never forget and has gained confidence in mixing with friends using English. She has had such a fruitful time that she wishes to help you in summer course in the future!"

Yuka from Japan - August 2018

"Thank you so mcuh for a great summer camp in London. Lira had a special time with you and new friends and was really excited! We hope to visit London and join your camp again soon!"

Junko from Japan - 2017

"Thank you for the wonderful experience and engaging programme."

Candice from France - 2017

"They had a wonderful time and unforgettable experiences. Thank you and Neema for everything."

Evmorfia, from Greece - 2017

"Thank you for all the pictures! So lovely to see what children are up to during the day. We are very excited to start the second week."

Gabija from Lithuania - 2017

"This is amazing, the kids really enjoyed their learning experience and hopefully we will do it again."

Lulwa from the UAE - 2017

"The english camp was amazing, the girls still talk about it. We have tried in 2 different camps before and none of the girls like it. Because they were happy, I feel that this year the have learned a lot. I can see the difference. Thank you so much."

Eva from Spain - 2017

"I like how you have structured the course. Beautiful. I like that the morning lesson has content that links to grammar, story and afternoon tour. "

Luciana from Italy - 2017